May 28, 2003

First taste of Nietzsche! Reading a Penguin compiled summary of his works. What can I say? He’s an egotistical bastard. I suppose that for his time, what he proposed was indeed unconventional and genius level, but skeptics like him have become somewhat a dime a dozen. I wonder if he would have been happy. Although Science is still bound to it’s objectives as tightly as when he proposed changes, and there are still stuffy religions, I must say his ideals of a somewhat more “enlightened” humanity, with less trust for each other and more awareness of the limits of their own observational abiility are perhaps more so realised today than in the last century. I don’t think he would be. Humans are still as stupid as ever. In any case, his ego probably wouldn’t be able to take the fact that the anthropic principle is studied as a ‘science’…

You will notice, of course, that the website looks different. The old name, ‘Imploded Overexposure’ has been scrapped. Instead, I have changed the name to ‘Shades of Gray’… Ask of me, and you shall recieve! Or something like that. Kudos to Gary for the suggestion, and for pointing out my sad lack in advertising instinct. Perhaps ‘Imploded Exposure’ IS a tad too difficult to remember for the common, non-physics majoring, non-photoshop-maniacal student… Hehehe… who says I can’t go the Nietzsche way?

May 26, 2003

I have beedn alerted to the fact that the spelling on this weblog is atrocious! Evidently I need to take some classes or type slower. Ah well. How many mistakes can YOLU find? Heh. Am much too lazy to go back and edit all previous entries. I suppose the mistakes are there to stay.

I want a holiday. The stupid magazine, posters and other things are all driving me nuts. I want to go somewhere and just sit artound enjoying the breeze. Preferably outside singapore, since there has been no breeze to enjoy lately. The pervasive heat leaves me in a permanent state of sweatiness, and my keyboard pad is becoming rather sticky from overcontact with my clammy hands… But I have no money, need to find work, and have too many things to do… a holiday is about as likely as malaria (ie. quite unlikely). Have been considering just asking a few friends out to East Coast to sit around and look at the sky. I used to like that. Perhaps I still will.

Haven’t been reading much, spending too much time in front of the tube lately watching rather sad shows. I’ve been thinking of adding some kind of appreciation page to this website, but I realise I appreciate very little. Some fan site? I don’t think so. Critic? Too lazy. Picures of my holidays? Egad.

My mind has been somewhat preoccupied this semester, I know… bear with me and I’ll try to make it more interesting eventually…