Wherein I buy a new bed

Went to Ikea Friday night to get a new bed. I had originally intended to get a smallish sofa-bed, but instead settled on the Fagelbo, becauseit was half the advertised price and I’m a sucker for a good deal (ie. large signs saying things like 50% OFF!!!). It looks something like this, only in beige:

Fagelbo Open
Fagelbo Closed

Incidentally, if you’re looking to get any post-modern Swedish furniture, Ikea is having a clearance sale till the 12th of August. Some things are cheaper, such as enormous Glittra scented candles which I believe were going at 75 cents instead of the advertised $3.50 (I may be wrong, my mind doesn’t function very well in high-contrast-colour0surroundings). They were stacked beside the cashier, and I was so giddy and hungry from wandering around the store that I considered getting one just to eat.

Did you know that Ikea furniture is named after easily remembered things such as Norweigian islands (garden furniture) or Finnish occupations (bookcases)?

Yep. No confusion at all between my MARKÖRs and my LEKSVIKs. I also think it might be mildly amusing that my bathroom appliance might be named after a Scandinavian lake.

“Where’s mother?”

“Oh, she’s just taking a shit in the (insert lake name here).”

Joke’s probably already done to death in Sweden.

In any case, because of the size of the new bed, I have to throw some things out. This has led to plans to paint the entire room and get some electrical rewiring done, things that I had not planned on doing when I still thought of this as a temporary abode. To be completely honest, though, I’m glad I’m doing it – life’s been rather aimless recently, and even some interior decorating is better than sitting around doing nothing (Ikea might also have had something to do with it).

Sitting in a rotting box in the corner of the room, I found Sister’s first boyfriend’s assorted gifts and letters (to her, not to me).

Girls, wait for when the guys are old enough to afford decent jewellery. Diamonds are forever. Chiffon-declarations-of-love withpasted-on-aluminium-wording decorated-with-feather boas just mean extra cleaning work in the future.

Porno freaks – again!

Just because I’m posting again, decided to read through some of my comments.

stranger@gmail.com’s left quite a few comments. Here’s one of his (gender an assumption):

Name: estrange | E-mail: stranger@gmail.com | IP:
Fat, lonely and unwanted kids are usually very cute

Just great. It used to be the Pokemon Porno freaks. Now I have the paedophiles.