Wherein I try to Capture Events of the Last Week

Generic lethargy has prevented me from blogging much the past week – the rainy monsoon season is on it’s way! Poor lighting combined with late nights have resulted in an Alex who mopes about all day feeling guilty about not being productive but yet unable to wrench himself out of mire of sloth encasing him like a fly trapped in turd.

Plus I actually study now. Wow.

Anyways, the last week’s updates on my life:

Saturday, 20 Aug – Went for Splashdown, this fun-swim event organized by NUS’s Lifeguard Corps in which you swim as many laps as possible in the campus pool until you pass out or win all the possible rewards. These rewards, which I managed to nab most of, included: an isotonic drink, an ice cream bar, a swimming cap, a t-shirt, some notepads, magazines (why any swimmer might want Cleo magazine is beyond me) and a cap. Having arrived late, I missed out on the “drum bags” that were being given out for finishing 70 laps – those were snapped up within 2 hours of the competition starting. In any case, I did it more for fun than for the prizes, though I suppose the prizes did make for a more competitive feel and I did kick a lot more people than I would have if I’d gone swimming for mere leisure.

Then I headed off to Nick’s place so that we could all go for the Science Bash. When I arrived I found Nick and Seet practicing their capoiera steps. The pictures below will serve to illustrate why I am not an enthusiastic fan of this allegedly graceful and beautiful form of martial arts.

Seet isn’t the best proponent for advertising the activity, is he? Nick’s slightly better, but unfortunately both of them are still in the cartwheel-stages and look nothing like they wield fists of lethal destruction, though I must say it’ll a real ice-breaker at parties if they perform.

Science Bash, as expected, turned out to be as expected. Science students just aren’t the types who heat up the dance floor. Makes me want to go for engineering bash, just to see what it’s like. Drank a little more than I should, which meant I was rashy on Sunday. Nick describes the event well enough, see his account for details.

The rest of the week turned out rather normally, with lessons and everything (though the fact that I’m going for lessons might be said to be abnormal). My modules now are French I, Philosophy of Language, Logic and the Government and Politics of Singapore. If I’d taken Founders of Modern Philosophy as well you could slap me up with the label Philosphy major – I already have the unkempt hair and the poor dress-sense to go with it.

Watched The Maid with Nick and Seok on Monday, which was most untactful of me. Horror movies should be left to couples without the accompaniment of their sarcastic friends so that they can hug each other during the scary scenes. Thankfully, The Maid wasn’t so much scary as cheesy. It was a good effort by Raintree Productions, I guess, but it still looks rather b-flick. Although it was rather good value for money, with ghosts appearing every five minutes, and in full makeup and regalia too, not just crappy foreshadowing spookiness. Unfortunately once the movie dragged on and you realized that the powers possessed by these supernatural beings consisted largely of looking at you sadly and irritating giggling, you sort of lost any sense of horror you might have possessed and just felt kinda sad for these ghosts who, even after a bout in hell, couldn’t speak proper english.

Wednesday was TW’s birthday, which makes him the same age as me, at least for another few weeks. Went out for dinner, a quiet little affair that was surreal for it’s soberness. Checked out his place later, a cozy little apartment that he shares with WC and CS, all with seperate rooms. The comparative advantages of living with friends instead of roommates you talk to once a week struck me, though it’s a little too late for me now, being stuck with my mysterious (because I still know next-to-nothing about him) landlord for at least another half year till I graduate.

Okay, that’s all for now. Hopefully the followign weeks are less crowded with events and I can post something a little mroe philosophical – taking philosophy modules has sparked off many thoughts.

I can speak a little french now! To tell the truth I can speak more than a little bit, though it’s still pas bien. My lecturer and tutor think I must have had lessons before, such is the accuracy and fluidity with which I spout my faltering half-phrases! All that french music I’ve been listening to does help, I suppose.

I’ve actually been considering going off to China to teach english. It’ll be difficult, I know it will be difficult with my pitiful level of Chinese (which is about high-schooler standard of a chinese-educated person, maybe lower), but considering there are ang mohs who do it without any ability to speak mandarin at all I do possess a considerable advantage. And nothing improves your command of a language than constant practice, so if I want to improve upon my mother-toungue I suppose there’s no better place to do it than my roots. And if Lee Kuan Yew can learn Chinese (for non-academic-purposes) at the age of 30 I can do it now, it’s not too late!

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