No, I Don’t Sell Newspapers

Je ne suis pas un vendeur de journal!

I work as a “media tracker”. Errrm. Ever wonder why all those large companies always seem to be able to respond to petty complaints in the forums of tabloids (and sometimes big papers) almost immediately? Surely their PR departments have better things to do with their time than to troll the papers for complaints.

Well, it turns out they don’t. And I’m the reason why.

I begin to see now why my friends who used to work in PR tell me it’s an awful job. I guess it is, for those at the entry-level. The hours are long, you always get screamed at (though my employer, thankfully, has so far shown no signs of screaming) and the pay is pitiful. On the upside… I can’t think of an upside for me job scope.

I become very well-informed as to the inner mechanisms of the petty Singaporean?

My French Sucks, by Alex Huang

Aujourd’hui j’ai mon essai français. C’est difficile. Et je ne puis pas employer le passé. L’français est difficile, je veux ma mère! Je déteste ressembler à d’un petit garçon.

Mon français n’est pas bien.

I have, once again, fallen behind on my schoolwork. Evidently I have underlooked the fact that Arts modules require a lot of readings. Usually it’s a welcome change from the stiflingly routine science ten-year-series-exercises, but in this case there are just so many I feel a little overwhelmed.

Philosophy of language is turning out to be a nightmare, almost like Kant all over again. I have no idea what Bertrand Russell is talking about and I want to hit Kripke on the head and force him to take an epistomological or ontological stand instead of mucking about the muddy waters of linguistical analysis (it’s for social scientists! Philosophers should just stay out of it!).

I also haven’t started writing that Political Science essay. I am thinking of doing: “The dominance of the PAP in Singapore politics is largely due to the incompetency of the opposition. Discuss.” Daddy would be so upset. I am also saddled with a tutorial group consisting largely of year one students and year three/four slackers (I’m guessing, but I think I’d be right on) who are taking this module just to score credit and can’t be bothered if they do poorly for it. Good luck to those year ones, bwahahahaha, They’d better take initiative soon or nothing will get done, though it’s unlikely – at our first meeting they portrayed themselves as chauvinistic-submissive-girly-types.

That leaves Logic. It is so easy there must be something wrong. I don’t even feel like I’m learning anything. The tutorial questions seem more like linguistical feats (again) prancing about the meanings of words like “almost” “even though” and “stupid indian scholars who must show the world how intelligent they are in class by asking more questions that, had they really been intelligent, would have been painfully obvious the answer”.

I’m just hoping that things will settle down and my body can adjust to the shock of waking up so early every day so I can work on my grades. Yeouch.

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