Well, not so much demoted as that they realized there was no need to do summaries for English articles.

Oh, how my wicked chinese teachers would cackle and clap their hands in malicious glee if they knew I was doing chinese translations now! 真是罪有应得!报应! 报应! They would surely exclaim, remembering their exasperation at having to mark essays full of circles (I put circles whenever I forgot how to write a character) and the uhs and ahs when commanded to recite essays aloud in class (I ummed my way through words I couldn’t read).

In other news, I got a new set of headphones! Don’t I look happy in them? These are flimsy Seinheissers that are designed to be unique, ie. nobody buys the freaky things, but it means that they fit my ears almost perfectly. The only non-organic attachment to go into my ear and fit snugly without causing me pain or uncomfortable fullness, which some organic attachments have failed to do even!


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