10 Common Misconceptions Chinese Men Have About Sex

Excerpt from Shin Min Daily News:

  1. When you get old, sexual functions are bound to fail, and there is no point seeking a cure
  2. A few failures at sex after marriage make Chinese men to lose faith in themselves and give up trying
  3. Unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking will not affect sexual ability
  4. Sexual problems are best solved by keeping mum and trying to solve them yourself
  5. Sexual failure leading to shame, disappointment and low self-esteem
  6. Masturbation will lead to sexual problems
  7. Believing in commercial cures for sexual problems
  8. Too uch work and no play
  9. Use of virility drugs to maintain… well, virility
  10. Masturbation after marriage is wrong

All of the above are wrong!!! Researchers in Shanghai have done a survey of over a hundred men in China to find out their misconceptions about sex. Number 10 is interesting. In any case, is you do ind yourself facing problems in your sexual life, do consult a physician. Leaving parts of your body in disarray is not only a lazy thing to do (and very unfair to your wife, unless you believe number 10 applies to her as well), but can also lead to further complications later in life such as prostate cancer. Many commercial drugs that claim to solve your problems or better your performance are mere gimmicks – the ones that do induce some form of effect should not be consumed without medical consultation.

Of course, I post this here for the benefit of those of my friends who are in danger of ever trying to … better their performance. You know who you are.

I would have thought that the main problems chinese men had with sex was not paying enough (or bargaining before climax), being too fast (because Buddha is watching you) or trying to ejaculate male sperm (to make male babies, which is just freaky if you think about it).

I read too many trash papers.

In other news, my birthday is over! I am now 24 years of age. That banana called me up last night to pass me a present, which was very touching. See the chocolate confectioneries I got from her (the bag was labelled “chocolates and pralines” and since I do not know what pralines are I will use the general term of confectionary).


We sat around at a coffee shop and trolled for birthday wishes (we share the same day). I suppose we looked rather silly, two idiots at a coffee shop beside a table of old men and their beer-girls (I would have taken a picture, but I was afraid the beer-girls would stub their cigarettes on me), laughing like little children every time we got a new message. The banana and I get like that sometimes. Ignoring how sad and pathetic the experiement was, I can safely say that many of my friends do not love me – only 11 out of 23 replied.

More birthday celebrations coming up. Whee.

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