Some are Simply Shy

Because I am sometimes a little shy myself and I suspect many of my friends are as well (or at least are extremely good at hiding their extrovertedness), here’s a link about shyness. It might be a good idea to read up before planning any parties, so you know who not to invite (Oh come on, the REALLY shy people don’t want to go to parties).

The article ends off saying shy people are still capable of great deeds. I say shy people are also capable of some strange ideas when they’re alone in their rooms in their underwear holding pencils. Here’s some disturbing images of Marion and Luigi, drawn rather realistically. Those of you who were fans (as I was, being shy and preferring video games to human interaction) will be both shocked and amused (check out the racoon suit) that you could possibly have thought Mario was cute.

Sorry, nothing for you extroverts. But then extroverts shouldn’t be reading blogs.

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