French Essay Gaffe

French test today:

Et mon coeur est mort avec mon amour. Je n’ai pas eu quelque raison pour livre.
(And my heart died with my love. I didn’t have some raison for book.)
livre = book, vivre = life

This is for all the times I laughed at poor Engrish speakers.

In other, somewhat more gruesome news(thanks to Gary), meet Singapore’s sole executioner. I wonder how desperate for employment I would have to be before I took up this job. Also, I wonder what happens when this man dies and no one is left in Singapore who dares to do executions. Will we have to import ‘talent’ from other countries then? (shudder)

Actually, since most of the people we hang are foreigners who traffic drugs (I think) and are not native Singlish speakers, I wonder how many people died with a puzzled “Huh?” on their lips?

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