Sex, Religion and Politics… Well, Almost

In line with the title, I will attempt to bring you, gentle reader, a three-part post featuring the Holy Trinity of Human (Idle) Discourse: Sex, Religion and Politics. This is mainly because, like people who discuss said subjects, there is nothing much else going on in my life (that I want to tell you voyeurs anyway, nyea-nyea) and I lack a real-life human to whom I can speak of such affairs. But don’t worry – I’ll keep it simple since I know my demographic isn’t too interested in such matters (considering most of you get here looking for Pokemon Hentai).


So I was on the MRT with my sister a couple of days after she’d returned from her Phuket holiday, only to realize that she’d picked up a rather startling animosity towards caucasians whilst over there. In her words, “They’re all pigs.” She was quite vehement in her exhortations that they all disgusting, sex-crazed maniacs who derived enjoyment from the sexual exploitation of pitiful Thai girls and would cheat on their marriages to indulge in protitution as readily as children at a difficult math test. She was also rather loud, which was unfortunate because we were sitting beside two caucasian men, who most unfortunately fit her description of being fat, balding and old (though I must say that this is a common occurence, since they tend to come as a package deal). I found myself in the role of defence for caucasian men everywhere due to my habit of contradicting my family members, though this was rather difficult since my experiences in Thailand had left me with similar sentiments and also because I had to keep moving my torso to protect my sister from the stares of the accused sitting beside me.

We got out the train when, after I’d whispered in her ear that “They’re right here” she replied (loudly) why she she should be embarrassed since if they were willing to perform such morally despicable acts they shouldn’t be embarrassed to hear criticisms against said acts and that the disgusting pigs didn’t deserve any pity anyway (I bet the guys were thinking they should have taken a cab).

She kind of missed the point, really. I was the one who was becoming embarrassed.

One reason why men like quiet, demure girls: when we go out with them, they have less tendency to insult strangers and risk you becoming involved in brawls and fights with groups of people larger than your own (usually consisting of you and the loud-mouthed-girl). Because let’s face it, it’s never the girl who gets beaten up.

(On a side note, my sister is now working at a store selling costume jewellery. It is run by a caucasian)

After the incident, being the nerd that I am, I had to look for more information to see if it was indeed true that caucasian men are indeed the buayas my sister considers them to be.

There are probably no figures on tourist BMIs or weight issues, nor could I find much information about their ages (though I suspect with more work age information wouldn’t be too hard, though weight is tricky). However, I did find expat@large, which provides anecdotal evidence that expats, at least, find frequenting prostitutes to be a common affair (also worrying is how hot for caucasian Singaporean chicks are). Studies from the Kinsey studies show that 69% of white males have had at least one experience with a prostitute, a little more than two-thirds, and an estimated 50% of them had cheated during marriage (though other studies place the figure at 15 – 35%). A little bit of math with the visitor arrivals from Thailand’s Tourism Board in 1997 (7.8 million) and the estimated number of foreign men making use of prostitutes from the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (500,000) gives about 7% of foreigners in Thailand coming for sex, though the numbers are likely to be higher, given multiple entries (INTO THE COUNTRY!!!).

Given the statistics, it would appear caucasian men aren’t really putting on a very moral facade. On the other hand, I’d only agree with my sister that they are disgusting sex-crazed pigs if it can be proved that Asian men, or any other form of man (except the Ideal Man, who does not exist except in romance novels) would perform differently given the circumstances. In Thailand alone, three times the number of locals make use of prostitutes compared to foreigners. In Singapore the locals know it’s Geylang (or Joo Chiat, according to Nick who claims never to have visited a prostitute before though how he came by this information I don’t know) that you go to for your fun-with-girls. An entire stretch of road! The expats only get Orchard Towers. So it’s not just the caucasians exploiting those pitiful Thai girls (and sometimes boys).

So I guess the only conclusion is, as my sister puts it, “All men are pigs”.

(Note that my sister has only recently been dumped by her boyfriend, which understandably results in a less-than-favourable outlook towards men)


Books in my bookcase: Why I am Not a Christian, Siddartha, Inferno (Dante’s)

Books in my brother’s bookcase: Surviving faith, Being Christian, Rediscovering God

Books in my sister’s bookcase: Assorted Sidney Sheldon


Much of this post has been at my sister’s expense. I apologise, since I know she sometimes reads this blog.

Three parts!

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