Wherein the fun embargo lifts

I was determined to impose a fun embargo until I managed to find a job.

So those friends with whom I’ve been with – it was more of a duty! and a calling! than fun in any way.

But in any case, the fun embargo is lifted, for I got my first (full-time) job offer today!

I’m still reeling a little from the shock, and thus breathing heavily and rapidly (causing much anxiety to my roommate – he keeps looking at me like I might be in heat). I’m also confused and upset, because I’m not entirely sure I want the job but have already agreed to it – and there’s another potential offer. It doesn’t help that I’m the kind of person who ridicules others for being too picky about jobs in a saturated job market.

Job one involves an established outdoor events company featuring an office in a unique location (so unique, in fact, that Uniquely Singapore is found all over it) – Sentosa. My professional circle will probably be filled with the sporty (and smelly) outdoorsy types who don’t mind the squat-style toilets and the many mosquitoes. Highlights of office life will include outdoor sports, probably a lot of shouting and trips to Bintan or Batam. Which isn’t so great, because although my dream job involves lots of travel overseas I never thought travel would mean two-hour rides in a ferry.

Job two involves an expanding wireless products company featuring a beautifully decorated but dimly-lit and almost-empty tomb-office in a desolate industrial park. The woman who interviewed me told me that should I take up the job, it would be best if I could be an independant worker and not make too much noise – the other workers don’t like noise, so I figure my professional circle will include vampires, zombies and other types of ruckus-disliking undead. Highlights of office life will likely include the Daily Joke, the Daily Laugh and the Monthly Inter-Employee Conversation. But they have proper toilets and air-con. And mosquitoes will probably be the last blood-sucking concern on my mind.

Both jobs offer me the same compensation and are for the posts of Graphic Designer.

Job one made me the offer. I expect job two to make me one within the next two days (interview with the quiet woman went well). And did I mention the toilet facilities?

Oh generic-deity-who-probably-doesn’t-exist-anyway.

My dilemma is between whether I prefer being able to take a shit or have someone with whom to talk shit to.

(Friends-be-warned: above para took me a couple of minutes to come up with and I’m very proud of it, so you can expect to hear it from me the next time we meet, and probably for the rest of my life – unless I take up job two and end up never speaking)

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