Wherein I watch TV

I haven’t finished watching a single show on television in over a year now, largely due to the availability online of my favourite sitcoms. There’s really very little the local television networks can do to make me tune in.

Or so I thought.

They screened the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show today featuring Tyra Banks’ last runway walk with them.

At my stop, I almost stayed on the bus to keep watching it on TV Mobile rather than get off. A quick calculation told me that even if I stayed on the remaining distance the bus had to go wasn’t enough to finish the show, so I got off, hurried back the 100m to my apartment, tapped my feet impatiently in the elevator, fumbled with my keys, kicked off my shoes and turned the telly on (which took a while because I don’t really know how to work it, having never used the one in the living room before). My roommate was watching the chinese news (announced by a woman in decent clothing that was not lingerie) in his room, but I unabashedly turned up the volume to the booty-shaking music accompanying Heidi Klum down the runway.

Less than five minutes later, I could no longer hear the chinese-news-decently-dressed-woman. Hey, when Giselle Bundchen wears a costume containing more surface area in feathers than actual cloth and tells you to WATCH HER AND NOT TO CHANGE THE CHANNEL you listen (I think the image of Giselle I displayed below is from last year’s collection, but it’s nice too).

It’s bloody visual poetry, that’s what it is.

Oh, and today was my first day at work.

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