Wherein I Witness Watermelons

So I was blog-surfing again, and I stumbled upon the most evil form of advertising – viral. Viral advertising, for those of you who do not know, are the kinds that you don’t have to promote at fairs or door-to-door, but rather propagates among it’s targetted audience through “contact” among it’s hosts. Meaning it’s usually so strange or fun people will forward it to their friends, and so on, unwittingly being advertised on as they play games or watch lovely animations. The common traits of virals are a strange lack of backlink to the companies that commission them, which makes no marketing sense at first but in reality is quite effective(look at Nike) and the fact that they are usually quite brilliant(it’s an evolutionary requirement – virals that aren’t don’t survive to tell their tale). Examples are the famous(well, if you play Halo) bee-thing, a viral for Halo 2 and the Subservient Chicken.

I rather like virals myself, because they are usually good. And I don’t mind the corporate sponsorship – free Art is usually quite bad, sad to say(Duchamp, anyone?).

Needless to say, the preamble above serves to announce the fact that I found a new viral – the Watermelon Love video. It’s an amazingly rendered/animated video of a chick who gives you… well, I won’t spoil it – look and see.

It’s brill.

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