Wherein I discover the PAP has its supporters

I’d always been under the impression that the PAP was somewhat unpopular in the blogosphere. The majority of bloggers seem to admit, if grudgingly, that because they haven’t led Singapore down economic failure they must be doing a relatively good job, but the sentiment is usually tinged with a hint of disapproval. Perhaps it’s the inherent uncoolness of supporting the Big Winners, no matter how terrible the underdogs are.

So when I stumbled upon Ms Toothbrush’s blog-entry, whereupon she lampoons Singaporeans for not being more appreciative of her wonderful country, I was rather surprised. Of course, her argument’s not really very convincing, but given her age I suppose it’s natural. More surprising are that she has fellow PAP-supporters.

Anyone have any more? She’s the only remotely unapolegetically-pro-PAP Singaporean blogger I could find (the rest all have buts, ors and howevers).

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