Wherein birds run amok!

Most interesting thing that happened all week:

A couple of days ago, I was working most diligently in my office (container located on a precarious slope in Sentosa) when suddenly there’s a knock on the office door and a man pops his head in to ask if we’d seen a white bird around.

It takes me a while to digest this information, and I stare rather stupified at him he provides me with more information – that the bird’s name is Stimpy (or something to that effect, my ears don’t work too well when I’m thinking).

I reply that No, I haven’t seen any such “bird” (the thought popped into my head that he was some kind of pervert with a naming fetish), and he pops out the office door. The situation was, of course, too weird to stomache, so I follow him out, only to find more people running around the area near my office looking for aforementioned bird. Sentosa Rangers, from their uniforms. My colleague, who’d been stunned when she walked out of the toilet to find a dozen Sentosa Rangers running around outside screaming for Stimpy, explained to me that Stimpy had rebelled during a Bird Show at the amphitheatre (which is situated really near my office) and had fled near our premises.

Fortunately, Stimpy’s wings had been clipped, so the Rangers reasoned that he wouldn’t have been able to fly very far. We watched the Rangers for a while before going in again.

It was later reported that Stimpy had been found – they had discovered him cawing away on a tree and had lured it down with some bird treats.

Oh how little we trade our freedom for, little Stimpy.

Movies I have watched recently: X-Men 3, Anotomie de L’Enfer, Da Vinci Code and Barbarella, Queen of the Galaxy. I guess it says something about me that the one I enjoyed the most was Barbarella, with it’s psychedelic sets, cheesy (if not for the knowledge that English Language Majors read this blog I would put CHEEEESIIEEEY, with special emphasis on CHEEEEEEEEZZZ) special effects. And Jane Fonda, spewing off pseudo-science, wearing nothing, and signing off with a raised salute to Love.

The sixties looked so FUN.

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