I can’t help making fun of poor English

I had this long post typed out about the clips below but I deleted it. Nothing I type can do justice to them. If you can watch this and not laugh you need a lobotomy. Trolled them all for you.

In context

More useful phrases!

And in context…

… my jaw was aching after this one.

Boys too!

The guys in context (the term can only be used extremely loosely here)

This guy tells the truth.

Some information about the show.
Original network website here, which betrays the fact that this series spawned 12 episodes. This only reinforces my belief that the Japanese are the most perverse people in the world.

I’m gonna ask my Japanese colleague if she’s ever seen it and if she can get me any more copies of the show. And I’m asking what “Jaa, sonna wakede” means.

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