Await my room inspections with trepidation. Am going to move out! And this time its for good – I can feel it. Even my mother can feel it. Now she keeps asking me when I’ll do it. And I thought I was the one excited. Never thought I would end up outed by my own mother. God, I hate the way she tries so hard to like the stupid girlfriends.

The house is getting a little too small for 5 family members and my brother’s girlfriends. Especially when the concentration of girlfriends is in my room. Much discomfort for all when one of them comes over. Can’t say I bother to find out their names.

They all look the same to me. Or maybe he just hasn’t switched as often as he used to, I don’t know.
In any case, I’m desperate. Sharing an apartment was too difficult to organise, and I think I would have hated it anyway. And it defeated the purpose, sharing. The point of this whole expedition of mine was to stop sharing. Don’t feel like doing that again for a while.

Notice I have not mentioned the banner in the last 2 paragraphs? Mwahaha, that’s right! It’s finally done! The crappy, single piece of canvas is finally painted and ready to hang. Tried to last Saturday but the poles we intended to do it with were too thick. My fault, really. Should have thought about that before hauling the guys down to help me put it up. Somewhat guilty.

Schools’s coming in again, and I’m getting nervous. After my last 7 module attempt my confidence is shattered. It’s depressing that I haven’t gotten a C yet and I already have an F. Damn. Thinking of taking 6 again this semester, but heaven knows I’m not exactly star student material. I don’t know why everyone else thinks I am. I hate studying. Learning, now that’s one thing, but studying involves other people, and I hate other people.

Haven’t gone out in forever, unless you count new university lunch spots. Am getting depressed easily due to the stress of having so many commitments and things to do. Oh, how hateful. Time to work again…

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