Wherein I take part in Real Run 2008

Ran 10km, the longest I’ve gone in a while, on Sunday. I would have posted sooner, but my fingers have only just recovered enough that I can type this.

Waking up a little late, I ended up turning up with the last batch of racers coming in for the race. Since the roads to Changi Exhibition Centre had already been closed by then, we ended up having to walk 3km to the start point, by which time I was sweating, a little out-of-breath and feeling very irritated with the ipod-connected, fanny-pack-bearing woman power-walking in front of me.

I regret not bringing a camera along. The route was along Changi Coast Road, a long barren tarmac road with nothing to distinguish my long tedium under the hot sun. I spent much of my running time thinking how if I just kept going on (not that I was going-on all the time, there was plenty of stopping-off involved) with a video camera in front of me I’d have an interesting piece of stock video that could be used for a film called, potentially, the “Singaporean Auswitch March”.

I took almost an hour and twenty minutes to finish the race. Not my best timing, but considering how sedentary my lifestyle has been the last couple of years I suppose its only natural. Ah well.

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