Wherein I blog-on-the-job (almost)

I’m taking the MCSE now, at this company called Avantus. They cost rather more than some of the other IT trianing providers in Singapore, but I went for this one since my company is paying anyways. Not that I would waste corporate resources wantonly, but it is my belief that you get what you pay for, and that there has to be a reason this company charges up to twice as much as its competitors.

And there is. They give us free cake during breakfast and tea-time, and Milo is available all-day.

I’m actually sitting at the computer where I’m supposed to be practicing delegation of rights to Organizational Units or something, but I’ve finished ahead of my peers as I am the only one amongst them who can really call himself a Sys Admin and thus possess power beyond their ken. The rest of them are programmers who didn’t read the description for the course and are now stuck learning things they will never need to know in the course of their careers or IT vendors who only need the certification so that their companies can get Microsoft Gold Partner, which means they will get a neat black flag with “Microsoft” written on it in golden lettering which they will worship but which none of their clients will care about.

The course has been pretty easy so far, except that I keep falling asleep. Due to the small class sizes, this is embarrassing to say the least, and I do try my best to keep awake, from the tried-and-tested holding a pen method, which I kept dropping and drawing attention to myself, to keeping my mouth filled with water, which just resulted in my shirt getting wet when I eventually dozed off.

The worst part of the course is the free time, which I spend trolling for the potential jobs that I might otherwise be doing. It’s like watching a show on the culinary delights of happy-eats-land whilst having instant noodles – I am bound to the company at least until the course ends in April. And however tempting those work-and-travel schemes sound, I also have the bloody loan to pay off.

Corporate life is terrible, not because it’s stressful and bloodthirsty, but because it’s long stretches of lousy scenery coupled with really boring travellig companions.

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