More internet trolls

O how could I forget! I used to read these for amusement – never in my life did I think I would one day end up a PFY.

Bastard Operator From Hell – stories of a System Admin.

I highly recommend the original stories by Simon Travaglia.

The Register also has some more recent stories, which I don’t find quite as amusing. Wikipedia’s page on BOFH has information (as it should) and some links at the bottom where you can find more stuff.

Think Dilbert, except much more malicious, and where the Sys Admin is cast in the position of dark anti-hero (like Batman!) rather than sad abused technical employee.


Though I don’t think I’ll ever stoop as low as the desktop-testicle-slamming phase. Sys admins in the odl days were really mean.

It’s sad. The rest of my MCSE course is drooling over Sitex hardware brochures. Hardware heads.

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