Xiaxue’s smarter than Madonna

I quote, from the (the best source I could find after 10 minutes of Googling on this):

Madonna, who is well known for her sensuous singing, acting and branding, has an intelligence quota rated at a genius level of 140 IQ.

Of course, the same article accords Madonna the praise generally reserved for tyrannical despots by their state-run publications and the Israel News Agency seems to be little better than some kind of SEO-driving cut-and-paste job, but I’m willing to believe that Madonna has enough IQ to get into Mensa. Also a little quote in IMDB on Madonna’s profile, but I’m not too sure how far verification goes in the editing this particular instance.

Just for comparison’s sake, I dug out Xiaxue’s article wherein she crows her triumph at getting into Mensa.

Oh, mensans, quit now.

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