The mail today contained two packages – respectively from SAFRA ( I’m assuming it stands for Singapore Armed Forces Recreational Association) and Mensa, both pleading with me to renew my membership.


Organization 1 – SAFRA – sent a colourful brochure promising, at a yearly rate of around S$45 (with a confusing number of promotional membership fees), a multitude of activities ranging from bowling, gym workouts, snooker, fine dining, arcade games, karaoke, and what appears to be a woman in workout attire who will punch you. I take it from her position in the brochure that her services are “coming soon”.


Organization 2 – Mensa – sent a couple of sheets of A4 paper, on which it explained that for $60 a year, I could be part of Mensa’s 3 monthly meetings and a variety of intelligence-related events, such as NTU’s “Brainhunt”. Along with the paper came an “exclusive” bookmark containing a witty quip from Isaac Asimov.

Doesn’t take much intelligence to figure out where your 50 odd dollars might give you the most enjoyment.

That Mensa has managed to survive so long at all is a testament, I think, to human vanity.

Above intelligence, it is.

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