Pink and out

Painted the room pink. I refer to it as the room rather than my sister’s room because it is in a current state of ownership-limbo–although it is officially my sister’s I reside here full-time whilst she spends most of her time in hall. And possession is two-thirds law, n’est pas?

In any case, the room now looks it a little mediterranean by night when we turn on the yellow lights at night, a lovely pinkish-orange hue, and a hideous bright pink by day, when the sunlight illuminates the awful colour in all its glorious splendour (will upload picture once I can find my Bluetooth adapter). Sister is delighted–me less so, but I have to say it looks much nicer than it used to, what with the paint in tatters from the superglued-on-posters Sister used to put up.

I’ve been looking for a new job, though this time it’s for an overseas posting of some kind. Partly it’s due to the boredoma nd repetition of life here in Singapore, and partly it’s the fact that the post-National-Day-Rally-analyses, both online and off, have been something of a downer. Everyone seems to be getting in on the action on how difficult it is to be Singaporean.

So I applied for a job in Dubai. Perhaps next year this blog’s name will be “Coding in the Middle East”.

I can’t wait for the questions during the interview.

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