Friday Funnies

Sometimes I say something mean and I feel guilty for it. Then I watch Lisa Lampanelli and find catharsis.

You can watch the entire Dirty Girl (in 22 inexplicable parts) on YouTube. Be warned, though, that she’s not for everyone (especially racially-correct-Singaporeans).

On the other hand, if you like your jokes Christian and told by a cute guy, you might instead enjoy Dane Cook instead.

He makes me shudder. I think I subconsciously feel that only ugly people should be allowed to make fun of others.

Alternately, if you really prefer more subtle, nicer (and much weirder) forms of humour, try Demetri Martin.

Clearification is a Vista Viral, and a rather heavy-handed one at that. But still weirdly enjoyable. I am surprised, though, that it isn’t in SilverLight.

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