Sometimes people make reference to rabbits wrongfully, and I always feel it is my duty to correct them.

In the case of a Singaporean, it is most probably wrong to say that something will last as long as an Energizer Bunny. That is because Singaporeans have probably never seen the Energizer Bunny on television. The confusion stems from the fact that BOTH Duracell and Energizer, battery rivals, used bunnies as mascots.

Duracell’s bunny came first, as a cuddly little collector’s item and which most Singaporeans will remember seeing trotting along to some irritating tune. Energizer, however, also had a bunny as a mascot, though it was produced primarily as a parody of Duracell’s by-then already popular ads:

Duracell Bunny

Energizer Bunny

In Singapore, we have instead a musclebound anthropomorphic battery that serves as Energizer’s mascot, no doubt the result of a marketing team full of homosexuals with disturbing sexual deviancies.


Just so you know.

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