Bad Rap

So when I was in France I remember seeing a lot of Michaël Youn–better known as Fatal Bazooka–on MTV, almost once every couple of songs or so. At the time, I thought it was rather strange that a middle-aged, slightly-overweight white French rapper could ever attain so much fame, until I paid somewhat more attention (MTV is more background-noise for me than actual entertainment) and I realized he was actually doing parodies. Par example, below is a clip of his music video for a rap called “J’aime trop ton boule”, which means “I love your ass too much”, which looks normal (if that is what can be said about our post-freedom-of-sexual-expression society) until about the second minute of the clip. (You don’t have to understand French to get the joke, it’s rather blatant.)

I guess it says something about the state of Rap that this guy actually gets primetime spots on MTV, and now there’s Schaffer the DarkLord (aka STD) on YouTube’s front page. This one’s called “The Rappist”, which sounds weirder than it looks.

Good for one laugh.

For some reason, along on the YouTube related links, together with some of STD’s comedy clips there are a lot of Turkish music videos attributed to (I’m thinking) another Schaffer The Darklord and his The Rappis Serdar Dansöz. No rapping in these, just a lot of the correct kind of boule. I think some Turkish fans are in for a surprise.

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