Wherein I Become Less Philosophical

The title is misleading, as it would have you believe that it happened over the course of a day, or the past few days, when in fact the anomaly took me several weeks to notice, and has taken over two years to become significant.

It all started when I joined CBLC, of course (as many other things in my life started off). After commitments there I just didn’t have as much time to read or think about things like how to justify an afterlife or whether or not a benevolent God was responsible for the world as it is today. I’d take the bus home with Ty and Ronnie (and sometimes Leonard and infrequently Shiyun) most days, meaning I ended up talking to them a lot, which didn’t make for quite enough time to brood and think on the miserable state of the purpose of my existence and existence in general. I suppose I am somewhat lucky in that they were both Ccomputer Science majors and I wasn’t, so I could be excused whenever educational issues were brought up. They were never really very interested in the Anthropic Principle and how blinded we were to the issues regarding true randomness and probability, though I half-suspect I brought up the issue more as a form of self-consolatory pat on the back for not being able to name the seven OSI layers.

When I moved into Hall, my travelling time was cut to almost nothing daily, so my bus-time philosophizing was moot. Furthermore, lack of stimulation from walking the same old route to school, meeting the same people, living the same old tired life and eating the same food stifled any creative impulses I might have had and killed my interest in questions beyond what I was going to have for dinner tomorrow. Not the kind of life you should be leading when you’re reading about Superman.

Now there’s the flurry of ECAs I’ve joined, and the activities and the discovery that bittorrent works perfectly on the school network and and the sudden enthusiasm with fitness (which I blame Nick for in the large part – he’s infectious) which have in all produced an Alex who moans and bitches a lot about how tired and sick he is of being so tired and sick whilst secretly happy that he has something to occupy his life with beyond moaning about how tired and sick he is.

Then there’s that thing. Oh, the thing.

In any case – the end result is a less mentally-active Alex. Soon I will devolve further into a neanderthal with huge arms and a small head (accentuated, of course, with a stylish neck accessory and bicep tatoos). Mensa will revoke my membership and I’ll have to join the surfer’s club (Singapore) instead and paddle about in the Marina Barrage, salvaging waste from the drudges to fund my OP apparel.

Don’t laugh – I may not go that far, but the degree of assimilation willl be high, I can assure you. I’m already tempted to go get my ears pierced one of these days. I’d get streaks in my hair but for the fact that I’m due in the military soon (meaning I need black hair) and that would just be a waste of money.

Shallow expectations make for a more fulfilling life. Superman sucks.

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