Wherein I celebrate my 27th birthday

My birthdays have become a lot weirder ever since I got to know the Banana.

We had to work on our shared birthday this year, and desperate to make something out of a ruined occasion we did something rather silly.

The Banana describes the event on her SuperBand blog, so I won’t. For those who would rather a million locusts visit them than click on a mediacorp link, we ended up asking strangers to sign on our hastily-self-bought birthday cards.

People were very nice, and I must say my flagging faith in humanity has been restored somewhat.

Thanks to the Banana’s newfound fame (though no one whom we asked for signatures recognized her), I am now featured on the SuperBand website looking like a crazed squirrel.

The Banana and I 2008 Birthday

The Banana demands that we do something even more outrageous next year. The way things are going, I fear that on our sixtieth we’ll have to skydive.

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