I’m thinking of changing the site’s weblog system to use XML. Bit of a bother, though, since I’ll have to do up a parser and stuff. Heh. Insist on customisarion.

Revision, revision revision. All day long I do revision. Physics is finally starting to become somewhat difficult and complicated, enough to make me want to throw myself off a building sometimes. I have always thought of Biology as an infant science, since most of it’s ideas are still not quite as concrete as those of Physics. However, the recent modules I’m taking have shown me the infantile stages of Physics too… Where the theories are by no means constant, and the concepts are only acceptable by half the community.

Did poorly for a literature essay and forgot to go for a mid term. Urgh. My results this semester are going to drop like a stone. Why on earth I selected a major like Computational Physics is still a mystery to me. Doesn’t help that I’ve never een a mugger to start with…

SARS is becoming a pain. Students in NUS will be subject to health screenings before they are allowed into their exam halls. Which means we have to turn up an hour earlier to have someone prod us with thermometers before we enter. Bah.

It strikes me that SARS is an exeptionally well publicised disease. Even though the fatality rate is hardly as high as cancer, AIDS, tuberculosis and various other illnesses, it has been given so much media attention you can’t help but feel it’s more critical. And I am terrified, not so much of the disease, but at how easily manipulated we are.

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