Migration Complete

A while back, I had some problems with my hosting. Something about Virtual Servers not being paid for. I admit, in the midst of all the work last year personal web hosting wasn’t top of my priorities list, and I may have lapsed.

So Dreamhost killed the VPS instances and I lost everything. Sadly, I also found out late last year that my local backups had been erased (no space on work laptop) and that my backups were dead (external hard disks that hadn’t been touched in a year) , so it looked a little like I’d lost all my posts.

It was crushing.

But thanks to the wayback machine, I managed to salvage most of it. In fact, I think I got some of the stuff that was missed when I originally migrated from my own PHP engine to blogger all those years ago.

So here I am today, with almost 8 years of entries behind me (I don’t think I posted at all in 2011 thanks to work and a lack of anything interesting going on). Reading some of the old stuff really takes me back, and I’m sure I’ll be grateful for these little memories in the future.

Here’s hoping I’ll post more in the future.

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