Wherein I Tell of My Failure in Physical Prowess

Okay, to be a National triathlete in Singapore (meaning you won’t be winning any medals overseas), you need a swim time of 22:30 for a distance of 1.5km and a run time of 39:00 for 10km. I don’t know if the timings are supposed to be taken in consecutive runs.

By comparison, I swim about 1.0km in 25 minutes and take about 50 min to finish 10km. And only when I do them on seperate days. With ample rest in between. And am feeling relatively stress-free at the moment. With no physical injuries. And the sun is not too hot. And the humidity is not too high. And there is no haze.

Hmmm. And this is my best sport.

The Ironman France competition involves a 3.8 km swim, 180km bike and 42.2km run. These are distances I am alien to on non-motorized vehicular transport. I vaguely remember seeing on television some strange english competition where they did something like that, only there was also barbed wire involved (or maybe I was mistaken and it was a movie about a jailbreak).

Maybe I should have just stuck to reading for a hobby.

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