I Am So Sick of Exams

Okay, so it’s narcissistic and shows a complete lack of comprehension about my own looks. But I believe that all bloggers are at least subconsciously disgusting exhibitionist fetishists who will do anything to have people put comments on their blog.

Don’t believe me? Look at Singapore’s Top Blog. I’m not so sure who rated this, but Xiaxue definitely has one of the most involved blogs out there at the moment. Pictures of herself, stories about herself, interviews of herself… wait – it’s a BLOG. Of COURSE there’s information about herself. Silly me.

Anyways, go take a look, guys. Pictures of semi-naked ladies. Evidently Ms Xiaxue is in the fashion line or something (can use photoshop, good camera) and has the big-head-shot technique quite well mastered. She also… writes short stories filled with sexual innnuendo and Singaporean reference (an unusual combination).

Other winners of the Asia Weblog Awards 2003 can be found here. As far as I can google there have not been any Singapore-based awards for blogs. Possibly because there’s nothing particularly nice to read about Singaporeans? Now that is a recurring topic amongst blog-conscious Singaporean bloggers. Thankfully, we can rely on technology to bolster our insipidly monotonous content, posting images from our spiffy cameras, sound off our iPods and all other manner of strange device-specific fun.

But of course, content-presentation aside, the content-meat is also a problem for Singaporean writers. It is a sad but true fact that most people are uninterested in the affairs of countries other than their own. Or at least around them. Or at least half-way across the world but you’ve declared war on them and killing millions of people over there. The latter we can discard for Singapore, where conflict is mostly limited to the fisticuffs amongst aunties trying to jump the queue at MacDonald’s for a Hello Kitty toy. So, because Singaporean news commands little attention, even in the blogosphere (such an awful word) we have a smaller market than our competitors in other countries. And the electronic age was supposed to remove physical boundaries, too. Yet it seems a little crass to be writing on the issues of some other super-power, no matter how tempted we may be to do so in condemning their condescending foreign-policy, self-serving justice and imposed-democratic-values (ooops), when there is so much more interesting material to work on such as the fascinating and heated arguments for and against casinos in Singapore:

You have no choice anyway, just listen to the government.

Oh. You can actually stop reading now. Just typing in the hopes of evading study-needs.

Just end with a quote from Singaporebloodypore(one of the very few politically-motivated blogs from Singapore):

Singapore gynaecologists routinely report women coming to them complaining of barrenness only to be told they are virgins.

(decision to migrate has been made)

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