Wow. Once the exams ended I really went out and enjoyed myself. I have completed Icewind Dale II, Sonic Battle, started on Rise of Nations and Phantasy Star III(I love the classic) and installed Fairyland. I am wallowing in the enjoyment of video games.

Well, no, I’m not, really. I’ve hit the bottom of the entertainment barrel and resorted to computer games to pass my time again. I’d read, but it’s a difficult habit to pick up again. I’d code, but I downloaded Gimp code to have a look the other day and didn’t understand any of it. I’d sleep, but I just end up lying on the bed feeling vaguely guilty that I should be doing something else.

I did send out a whole lot of emails to do with admin work, though. The slight productivity boost to morale will have to do until the guys at NTU finish their exams. Nick and I look like lonely straggled dogs on a deserted island and he’s been so soppy lately I can barely stand him. The Malaysians have gone back, leaving Wei Chuen and Tzen Wah. We dine out like fabulous bachelors daily, enjoying the delicacies of singlehood and the pristine taste of our own virginity.

Well, that is when we cfan remember to eat in between the gaming.

I’ve got plans for this holiday, though. Gonna update this website and go for the big game – some more basic PHP coding. Most probably I’m gonna start on a UROPS, although God only knows what project I’m going to take – I suspect Fluid Dynamics, though.

Computational Science Society organized a trip to the Institute of High Performance Computing today. What they do looks suspiciously like what I’m learning in my CZ modules, except possibly several thousands of times more complicated. Actually I’m not sure how much more complicated it is – I haven’t learnt how to measure complexity yet. But anyway I am much intrigued by their work, and the project based work where you go around helping others to model situations well beyond their computational (or coding) abilities seems to offer a wealth of opportunities for interaction. Sounds like a most interesting job.

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